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  • Brilliant slogan T-Shirt inspired by Twitters #MondayMotivation
  • Printed using the brilliant DTG technique
  • Tubular body shape combined with internal shoulder taping
  • Ribbed collar combined with easy to remove tear-away labels


Brilliant slogan inspired by Twitters #MondayMotivation

This brilliant Espressoed T-Shirt is inspired by Twitters popular trending hashtag #MondayMotivation. It features a unique slogan which is printed on the front using the brilliant DTG printing technique. The slogan reads “The Worlds Problems Cannot be Solved Over Coffee – They Can Merely Be Espressoed” which provides brilliant motivation every time you pull it on.

Printed using the brilliant DTG technique

The T-Shirt is created using the brilliant DTG (Direct To Garment) printed technique which is a process where the ink is printed directly into the fabric of the T-Shirt. By doing this, it offers a beautiful, crisp print while keeping the gorgeous soft-touch feel of the fabric through the T-Shirt.

As there’s no need for additional layers to be printed onto the garment, it remains lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times.

Tubular body shape combined with internal shoulder taping

The T-Shirt is designed with a tubular shape which offers maximum comfort and a perfect fit for everyone who wears it. The tubular shape is designed to fit around your torso perfectly to offer comfort throughout the day. The shape is combined with internal shoulder-to-shoulder taping which ensures that the T-Shirt won’t stretch through wearing and washing, ensuring that it maintains its shape for longer.

Ribbed collar combined with easy to remove tear-away labels

The collar features a ribbed design which provides comfort and removes any irritation for your neck. The ribbed design means that the collar can stretch to ensure maximum comfort at all times.

The ribbed collar is complemented by internal tear-away labels which allow you to quick and easily remove the label from the inside of the garment. By doing this, you remove any irritation and discomfort from the T-Shirt ensuring that it remains comfortable to wear all day long.

Size Guide:

Small – 34/36″
Medium – 38/40″
Large – 42/44″
Extra Large – 46/48″
XXL – 50/52″

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